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Yeah...I have a strong sense of responsibility. I think most everyone does, it’s a basic part of human nature to feel a certain obligation with regards to...countless aspects of one’s life. Now...whether or not that inherent responsibility is to themselves or to others? That’s what separates men and women into the good, the bad, and the ugly.

As for what triggers’s not much more than a basic sense of right and wrong, at least for me. If I see something wrong that’s in my power to fix? Then it’s my responsibility to make it right, and I take that responsibility very seriously. Honestly, I believe it’s probably the simplest, most basic duty of every human being to take note of the things out there that they have the power to correct and to *do* it. Making changes for the better isn’t a hard thing to want to make a difference where you see the chance.


My family, my ex-wife...they couldn’t see that. least Sara couldn’t. The one thing she claimed to love about me ended up being the one thing she divorced me over.

It’s kind of a sick thing that my father was the only one who ever really got it...the drunkard that worked so hard to screw me up when he was raising me...he understood the nature of it. Before my wedding, he told me that commitment is what makes me tick...but it’s more than that.

I could be committed to anything...but I’m committed to people. I have a responsibility to help them. And I haven’t always been sure that helping through medicine has been my calling...but I’ve known, my whole life, that’s what I’m made to do.

I just wish the rest of the world could see that.


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