Jul. 11th, 2007

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There's never gonna be
A moment of truth for you
While the world is watching
All you need is
The thing you've forgotten
And that's to learn to live
With what you are

[locked from all castaways]

I didn’t trust her worth a damn...not until she came back to our camp. It was different then...it didn’t change anything, and yet it changed everything. Nothing was different about what she’d done or why...but the beach was private. It was beyond Them...and we really met for the first time.

There was no cameras...no Others. No one watching to see what our next move was going to be.

At least...that’s what I thought. I honestly hadn’t considered the possibility that they would mistrust me that much, even if I was protecting Juliet. I thought her help with Claire had changed things. Granted, I didn’t expect a warm welcome on her behalf, but that element of danger she presented...

I didn’t think they would be watching us...the way that They watched us.

I took every precaution to make sure everyone would feel safe. I asked her not to go off alone, and she agreed. We stuck close, so everyone could see I was watching her. I thought they would trust me enough to be comfortable, knowing I had her under control.

And in that time...I discovered something remarkable. I discovered Juliet.

She smiled more readily and was quick to laugh. She made more jokes...her sense of humor was dry, but a little bawdy at the same time. She was clever, easygoing, sweet...I got to learn that she was a good woman, in spite of everything.

And in getting to know her...I trusted her. A little, at any rate. And for that trust, she gave it right back. She came to me and told me just what Ben was making her do...she chose us over Them. She did just what I probably would have done in her situation.

It’s probably the scariest part of this whole thing...knowing just how much I have in common with one of Them.

Knowing it...and being perfectly at peace with it.


Muse: Jack Shephard
Fandom: LOST
Words: 325


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