Aug. 21st, 2007

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1) The free man...the one who chose his own destiny over his father’s desires.

2) The passionately devoted doctor...though passion and devotion are a part of who he is, they’ve always been reserved for his patients...not his trade.

3) The good husband. Sarah was right to leave him, and he hates her for it sometimes. More than that, however, he hates himself for being the man she saw in the end.

4) The physician... ‘do no harm.’ An oath he swore that he’ll never be able to hold to again now that he’s taken another human life.


And did so without hesitation...with a readiness and a capability that still frightens him.


5) Jack Shephard...his life had never truly been his own and he knows it. The things he wants for himself, the dreams he’s had that he could never speak aloud in his father’s presence...he’ll never live the life he wanted, even if his father’s dead now. He’ll never be himself...entirely.

6) The happy man...he doesn’t know if he can truly be happy because he has nothing in his life he can be truly happy for, at least not conventionally.

7) The leader...he can do what he has to, but a leader will do anything to lead. Jack still has lines he won’t cross.

8) The prisoner. You can only do so much to imprison a man that’s lived his whole life in chains.

9) The lover...he had to get stuck in a plane crash to realize he’d never truly loved a woman he was with, and now he’s not sure he ever will.

10) The loved...saying it made it real. And it will never change...he’ll never stop loving Kate, and she’ll probably never say it back to him.

But he knows...on some deeper level, he knows. And that’s why he can still find a certain bitter joy in loving Kate.

Muse: Jack Shephard
Fandom: LOST
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Freedom...that’s worth dying for.

I know...very BRAVEHEART of me, but freedom is a valuable thing. I know what it’s like to be a prisoner in your own skin, and I know that I’ve seen freedom taken from even those who appear to be the jailers...the ones who appear to hold freedom in the palm of their hands.

Look at us...the survivors of Oceanic flight 815. We’re prisoners of this godforsaken island, and all we want is to be free. A lot of us have died in the name of rescue, our only avenue to freedom...from the island, from the Others...we’ve all sacrificed. And if you believe John Locke, we’re meant to do more than that, we *are* sacrifices.

Locke...just another bar on our cell door. I don’t know what goes through that man’s head, and sometimes I’m not sure I want to know. Truthfully, I find some of his ideas a little frightening. His total willingness to sublimate his will to some higher power, and the island no less. It’s taken so much from us, and he wants to give it everything.

I’ve seen things on this island...things that aren’t possible, things that can’t be real. But I know they are...and still, I refuse to ascribe to Locke’s mindset.

Total submission to a higher power, even to God, is just another form of imprisonment. I’ve seen something similar in Eko...and yet it’s not the same. Eko may have been a priest, but he never submitted to anything, not completely. He made choices, he acted in the name of free will. He didn’t give himself over to God, he simply offered what he had.

I sometimes wonder if he died for just that reason. I’ve heard Charlie’s story, that he stood up to the monster once...I wonder if maybe that ultimately killed him.

It’s an awful thing to say, but the only thing I can say...if Eko had to die? I hope that’s the reason.

I hope he died free.

Muse: Jack Shephard
Fandom: LOST
Words: 340


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