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Brigadoon."">I’m a doctor. A scientist, and on certain occasions, by default I’m a little bit of a cynic and a whole lot of a skeptic. I guess it’s sort of a job hazard...dealing in life and death like tradeable commodities.

That favorite movie of all time is Brigadoon. Sid Cherise, Bing Crosby, Van’s one of the classics. Great movie, especially if you like musicals and you’re into the whole Fred Astaire era. Me? I’m really not, as a rule...I like a lot of classics, but I’m not exactly a film buff.

But when I’m not a cynic and a skeptic...I’m something of a jaded romantic. And that’s why I like Brigadoon.

If you’re not familiar with the flick, it’s about a couple of New Yorkers vacationing in Scotland. They stumbled across an enchanted town called Brigadoon...through a miracle of faith, two hundred years ago the town was shrouded in mists so thick no human could penetrate them. One day every hundred years, Brigadoon awakens, then sleeps again for another hundred years when the day is done. It was a protection of sorts...the people of that town can live out their lives in peace, and the evils of an ever-changing world will never touch them.

One of these modern men, he falls in love with a girl in Brigadoon. And...well, I don’t want to give away the ending, but he loves her enough to make a miracle of his own.

I won’t deny that the movie is a very touching love story, and a classic as far as Hollywood musicals go. That’s not what gets me,’s the strength in there. Bing Crosby, the lovestruck modern man...he learns he can stay in Brigadoon with his girl, but only if he wants it badly enough. He has to be willing to forsake everything and anything he knows for the love of one woman. He’ll never see his family and friends again, have to relearn his way of living...all for her.

I believe that kind of love is out at first sight, a day with the right woman and you know she’s all that’s out there for you. But I don’t believe it’s destined or meant for any of us. I don’t believe it comes free.

That perfect day has to be earned, fought’s not just a blessing, it’s a burden. It’s a huge know someone that well, to hold their heart in your hand, and in return? It’s a curse to be known that well, to be needed that way.

Real love like that takes strength...and Brigadoon shows that. Wanting it badly enough, being ready to do whatever it takes...that’s what’s at the heart of that movie.

It’s not just about being in’s about being strong enough to be in love.

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Fandom: LOST
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