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Since I was a kid, Mark Silverman has been my best friend. Ever since he got into some trouble with a few scoolyard bullies and I tried...and failed to bail him out the day we first met, he’s been a constant presence in my life. Through good times and bad, he’s always been more than just a friend, he’s been like a brother to me.

This biography, however, is not about Mark Silverman.

A while back, I was one of the survivors of a horrible plane crash...the n ow infamous Oceanic flight 815. A lot of lives were lost, and along with my fellow survivors, I dealt with a lot of hardship and heartache.

On eof those survivors I got to know was a man I knew as Sawyer, but whom many of you know know as James Ford. It feels funny, calling him my best friend...but it’s true. I’ve known men like Mark...kind, caring, and faithful friends for life.

Sawyer is not that man. In a lot of ways, he reminds me of myself...all the darkest parts of me made manifest. He’s opportunistic, cruel, calculating, and impossibly bitter.

But in spite of that...he’s also noble, passionat, and capable of great kindness. His loyalties are sparse, but fierce...when you make a friend of Sawyer, it’s for life. Above all else, he’s a survivor. If ever I had to pick a Man of Steel? It would be him...shoot him, stab him, try to knock him down, he’ll just keep getting right back up. He doesn’t know what it is to quit.

We’ve clashed more than we’ve ever gotten along, and he’s done mor than enough to ensure that a man has no business trusting him. And yet...knowing what I do, I’d put my life in his hands just as I have countless times before...without hesitation.

Because one thing that Sawyer has never ceased to do for me is give me hope...for myself, and for life in general. A good man with a black heart, James Ford is living proof that even in the greatest darkness, the light will always burn bright enough to light the way to redemption.


Muse: Jack Shephard
Fandom: LOST
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