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"You can only be young once. But you can always be immature". -Dave Barry

He knew that her presence at their camp couldn’t be might even be dangerous...but it was also oddly freeing for him. Juliet was a refreshing presence...she was good for Jack, he’d come to realize that much.

And if the rest of the camp chose to keep their distance...for once it was fine by him.

Arzt had once accused them all of being in high school...on second thought, he’d actually accused them of it multiple times. But maybe he was right in some capacity or another...there were cliques all around them, juvenile as it sounded. All of the castaways had found their own places, seperate or with others. Women and men were obvious...but there were also groups like Hurley, Charlie, Jin and Desmond as well. Nikki and Paolo had been in one, Kate and Sun were their own little duo...

Then there was Kate and Sawyer, who had forged a clique of their own...

And yes, the notion hurt. But if Kate had what she wanted...then all the better for her. The only thing Jack had ever truly wanted for her was for her to be find a reason to stop running. If Sawyer was what she truly needed, if he gave her all of that, Jack truly and honestly wished them both well.

Juliet understood what he’d been through...what it was to be used and manipulated to serve another man’s warped goals. She made him smile like he hadn’t in ages. She had a delicate beauty and an endless inner strength that appealed to him.

And if spending more time with her meant abandoning the “In” crowd...then so be it.

Muse: Jack Shephard
Fandom: LOST
Words: 283


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