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10 Things Jack Shephard Doesn’t Want You To Know

1.) He hates musical theater...he told his ex wife he loved it shortly after they met and got dragged to a production of EVITA on their second date. It was worth it when her face lit up, though...he admitted to his lie on their fourth date.

2.) He’s more like Sawyer than he wants to admit, even to himself. He’s just as skilled at lying and just as cold when the situation calls for it. Information is like a bacteria, power like a flame...sometimes it can actually be beneficial, but too much has to be contained to prevent anyone from getting hurt. He does everything that Sawyer does, just for different reasons. Sometimes, Jack wonders if that makes him any better than him.

3.) He’s never been able to stop drinking. He’s not a clinical case, and he hasn’t gotten drunk since his bachelor party when he married Sarah...but he drinks. He knows all about alcoholism...he knows he’s a likely candidate. He hates his father for being a drunk, and for being weak in the face of his own illness. He knows the impact a single drink can have...yet Jack can’t stop himself from taking it.

4.) He’s always really loved grilled cheese sandwiches.

5.) He knew the moment Juliet was about to kiss him. He could see it coming from a mile away...before their lips met, he’d been seconds away from turning to look for Kate.

6.) He knew he loved her the moment he first saw them arguing. He was too far away to hear or even see what was going on, but knowing she wasn’t happy bothered him. It hurt, being away...but it was easier if he pictured her happy. When her joy was his and her suffering caused him pain...he knew.

7.) Once or twice Jack has gone by the old golf course and wished that Michael were still around to play a couple of holes.

8.) Jack actually *did* recognize Charlie when Kate asked him if he knew Driveshaft. He spent the next week trying to get “You All Everybody” out of his head.

9.) He was going to kill Ethan himself. He’d wanted to...for hurting Claire, for trying to kill Charlie...for coming after *his* people. He’d been pleased by the dull slap of flesh and the satisfying crunch of hearing Ethan’s nose break under one of Jack’s blows. If he hadn’t had an audience, Charlie might never have had to pull that trigger.

10.) He doesn’t believe in God...never had any use for religion. But when he told Kate he loved her, and saw the look in her eyes, Jack finally started believing in miracles.

Date: 2007-07-08 11:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
If it's any consolation, you know a Hell of a lot more about me than I ever wanted anyone to.

Date: 2007-07-09 05:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Having someone know you and know you intimately isn't always a bad thing, Kate.

You taught me that.


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